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Meet Our Staff!

~ Inspire ~ Encourage ~ Teach ~

Linda Cavella is the proud owner of A Time to Dance Studio! She began dancing at the age of three and has trained in almost every style. Through both training and dance conventions, Linda has accumulated a notable history of working with a wide variety of renowned, professional teachers. In addition to this, she is very proud to have started the first studio that supports Dance Abilities in Northeast Ohio. Linda attended the Canton School of Automation to gain business knowledge, which has helped her original one room studio grow and develop into the beautiful, North Canton location it is today. She has an amazing passion for dance and an even greater passion for sharing it with each student, parent, and friend that walks into the welcoming front door of A Time to Dance!


In the Office


Kristine Neuenschwander
Accounts Manager

Norma Capocci
Promotions Manager

Class Peers

Our class peers are a huge help offering an extra hand

in our younger and larger classes. We would like to thank

our students volunteering as 2023-24 class peers!

Megan A, Ashlynn B, Lilianna B, Rachel C, Olivia C, Sierra F, Marybeth G, Emma G, Alexandria H, Anaya H, Isabella H, Abbi H,

Lillie J, Annie K, Baylee L, Gracie M, Ava M, Andrew N, Aubrey N, Autumn O, Annie S,

Julia S, Leah S, Gabrielle W, Ava Z

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