Recital 2022:
A New Day

 Recital Information! 

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Our end of the year June Recital "Never Stop Dancing" is right around the corner...

This means pictures, rehearsals, and performances the week of 6/7 - 6/12!


The recital performances will be professionally recorded again this year by Absolute Post Productions and are for sale on DVD. You may order those through the office. Prices are as follows: DVD of one show = $15; DVD of two shows (you choose) = $28; DVD of all three shows = $36

Technical Rehearsals will be held at A Time To Dance Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, June 8th, 9th, & 10th rehearsing one show per day.

Show One rehearsal is Tuesday, June 8th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at A Time To Dance.

Show Two rehearsal is Wednesday, June 9th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at A Time To Dance.

Show Three rehearsal is Thursday, June 10th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at A Time To Dance. 

You may leave after your routine(s) is done. You may wear your normal dance clothes for these rehearsals with your correct dance shoes. No makeup is required. Technical rehearsals are required for all performers as it is our initial run of each show.

Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY FOR ALL PERFORMERS in order to perform in the recital and will be held at Hoover High School's Main Auditorium on Friday, June 11th.

We practice stage entrances/exits, spacing on stage, show flow, get a rehearsal before we perform in a new space, and practice dancing in our costumes with correct hair and makeup. It is also your opportunity to take photos and videos.

Up to two immediate family members/guardians only are permitted to attend their performer's dress rehearsal. Extra guests are not permitted in rehearsals. Dancers may watch from the audience if they have a break between routines but must be backstage ready for their number FIVE numbers early. You may take photos and videos during this time. No photography or videography is permitted during the performances as it is rude to other audience members and distracting to performers. Please take photos and videos at dress rehearsal only.

Show One  dress rehearsal begins at 1:00 pm at Hoover High School's main auditorium on Friday, June 11th. 

Show Two dress rehearsal begins at 4:00 pm at Hoover High School's main auditorium on Friday, June 11th

Show Three dress rehearsal begins at 7:30 pm at Hoover High School's main auditorium on Friday, June 11th.

Please arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to rehearsal start to be ready and hear announcements.

Recital 2021 Never Stop Dancing will be held in person at Hoover High School's Main Auditorium on Saturday, June 12th! 

Show One begins at 1:00 pm at Hoover High School's main auditorium on Saturday, June 12th. 

Show Two begins at 4:00 pm at Hoover High School's main auditorium on Saturday, June 12th. 

Show Three begins at 7:30 pm at Hoover High School's main auditorium on Saturday, June 12th.

Performing is a valuable part of the learning process in the performing arts, so we are excited to take to the stage once again. We are required to maintain distancing and reduced audience capacities at this time, so we will have three different shows that day. This will allow us to initially give each performer's family six tickets --these tickets are covered in your $70 recital fee per family which was due 4/14. (If you have not paid this, please email or stop into the office.) You may also opt to divide these first six tickets among shows your dancer is in. All remaining or unused tickets will be announced and available for general purchase @ $10/ ticket.

All performers' families must claim their six tickets by Thursday, May 27th through the office at the studio. Please stop in or call and speak with Krissie at the front desk to specify for which shows you would like your six tickets (or any combo equalling six). Please DO NOT EMAIL to reserve your tickets. Krissie will be tracking all ticketing in one place. 

After May 29th we will announce the number of available tickets left for each show. Those will be up for general sale to anyone who would like to come see the shows! These are $10 / ticket and can be purchased through the office as well. Any tickets still available the day of recital will be sold at the door.

There will be goodies and flowers for sale the day of recital for cash and check. These sales benefit our Irish Troupe and Junior Ballet Company and are nice treats to celebrate our amazing dancers!

PLEASE stay until the end of performances as we will do a full performer curtain call during which dancers may carry any flowers on stage with them as they take their bow!

Getting Ready...


Students will wear the recital costume you purchased for their class. We are still waiting on a few to arrive, but almost all of these have gone home. Please be sure you have steamed, ironed, adjusted, etc anything that needed to help your costume look its best after being packaged for shipping. Also be careful to attach accessories and/or headpieces in a safe place. We are unable to replace these without ordering another costumes. Every student must also wear the listed color and style of tights and dances found on our Dress Code Sheet  for their class.  Instructors will inform both the students and parents if there is any change to this.



All performers should wear their hair in a tight ballet bun unless otherwise specified by the instructor. Acrobatics classes classes should wear their hair in a ponytail. Correct costumes (including tights, headpieces, and shoes), hair, and make-up should be worn to the Friday, June 11th Dress Rehearsal. No jewelry or nail polish should ever be worn while in costume. 


When performing under stage lights and at a distance from the audience, we wear makeup to line and pronounce our facial features. This way audiences can see facial expressions and facial features of all performers. Stage makeup is heavier and different than "street makeup" and should clearly enhance the natural colors and features of the performer. Our elementary and pre-school aged performers can do a simplified version of the stage makeup including lipstick, blush, mascara, and eyebrow pencil with other elements optional.

Makeup List: Pink/Berry lipstick (no red), Rose blush, Neutral eye shadows to define and brighten eyes (no blue), Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrow pencil, Foundation/Concealer, Contour/Highlight as needed, False Eyelashes ages 13+ 

*** Links to tutorials to help you ***

Miss Lauren demonstrating a ballet bun =>

Miss Lauren demonstrating performance stage makeup =>

Pacific Northwest Ballet demonstrating ballet performance makeup =>


SIGN-UP for RECITAL PHOTOS is going on now! 

Photos will be done at A Time To Dance on Monday, June 7th @ 1- 7 pm.

Please use the sign-up genius link here or on our website homepage to read more information and to choose your time.



The students have been working diligently on their routines in class.

We can't wait to show you what we have learned this year!

Thank you!

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